Инструкция подключения IKEv2 на iPhone

First, securely transfer the generated ikev2vpnca.cer and .p12 files to your iOS device, then import them one by one as iOS profiles. To transfer the files, you may use:

  1. AirDrop, or
  2. Upload to your device, tap them in the "Files" app (must first move to the "On My iPhone" folder), then follow the prompts to import, or
  3. Host the files on a secure website of yours, then download and import them in Mobile Safari.

When finished, check to make sure both the new client certificate and IKEv2 VPN CA are listed under Settings -> General -> Profiles.

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> VPN.
  2. Tap Add VPN Configuration....
  3. Tap Type. Select IKEv2 and go back.
  4. Tap Description and enter anything you like.
  5. Tap Server and enter Your VPN Server IP (or DNS name).
  6. Tap Remote ID and enter Your VPN Server IP (or DNS name).
  7. Enter Your VPN client name in the Local ID field.
    Note: This must match exactly the client name you specified during IKEv2 setup. Same as the first part of your .p12 filename.
  8. Tap User Authentication. Select None and go back.
  9. Make sure the Use Certificate switch is ON.
  10. Tap Certificate. Select the new client certificate and go back.
  11. Tap Done.
  12. Slide the VPN switch ON.