Terms of Use

The current terms of use are applied to VPN servers, provided by MyVPN.Host web service (hereinafter MyVPN.Host). Please carefully read the current terms of use, since they contain important data about the service and customer’s respective obligations and rights. The agreement contains a dispute resolution section, which governs all disputes resolutions. Each client confirms that he has carefully read the current terms and conditions and agrees to comply with them by signing up on MyVPN.Host website.

About the service

The service, provided by MyVPN.Host, is commonly called VPN. VPN is a virtual private network, allowing the customers to remain anonymous online, while using secure computer connections only. The Internet traffic is encrypted such a way, that the client’s computer only and the computer, communicating with the client, are able to interpret the data, transferred between the computers. The traffic can still be monitored. But the person, who intercepts it, will not be able to understand the data collected.

VPN server lease terms

The client gets an access to VPN-server for a certain paid period, for example 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Agreement expiration date

The current agreement comes into force once the client paid for VPN server and got an access to it. The agreement expires when the VPN server, previously paid by the customer, expires.

Refund policy

New customers, who have signed up, have a chance of refund within 30 days for a period unspent, multiple of a week. Each client, not satisfied with our services or regrets his purchase, is entitled to request a refund within 30 days, providing the refund reason to our email.

Customer’s obligations

Customer confirms that he can’t use our service in order to harm other users, third parties or suppliers in an improper way, while being solely responsible for our service usage way. MyVPN.Host is entitled to suspend the client immediately without refund, if he violates own obligations.

MyVPN.Host obligations

MyVPN.Host is obliged to exercising due diligence when providing the services. As well as timely troubleshoot in case of server failures or upon users’ requests.

The client is entitled to prolong the service for a reasonable days number, determined by MyVPN.Host, if he failed to use the service in full because of a technical failure due to MyVPN.Host fault. The customer can’t claim compensation, different from the one mentioned above.


MyVPN.Host is not responsible for operation interruptions, caused by the client's hardware and software.

MyVPN.Host is not responsible for any harm or inconvenience to customers, caused by the service interruptions, whether due to customer’s, third party’s or MyVPN.Host’s circumstances.

Personal data processing

MyVPN.Host does not have an access to any other customer data expet for the one, provided when signing up on MyVPN.Host website, i.e. valid email address, username and password.

General conditions

The services changes and additions or these general terms and conditions content are determined by MyVPN.Host only and become binding on the client, when he is notified about such change or addition by e-mail.