What is IKEv2?

The virtual private network organization, while using the IKEv2 protocol, involves the public keys exchange between the subscribers. The current technology allows to tunnel data. The encryption is performed while using 3DES and AES encryption algorithms. The protocol provides high data transfer speed without any issues with behind firewalls and NAT due to the UDP 500/4500 usage.

IKEv2 key exchange protocol features

IKEv2 technology is relevant for mobile devices owners. The ability to automatically restore the tunnel when the Internet channel is lost for a short time is the main current protocol feature. Automatic switching between wireless access points and the mobile network is one more its benefit.

IKEv2 technology features:

  • The data transmission and information protection security level is high. VPN speed remains at a high level.
  • Private virtual network operates stably without interruptions, regardless of subscribers location and their movement speed.
  • User’s operation configuration does not take much time. The current technology is optimal for use on mobile devices.
  • Hard-coded ports appliance is the main protocol disadvantage. Therefore, it is easier to block data transmitted, than while using alternative technologies.

Security, reliability, high data transfer rates are the main benefits of this virtual private network, based on IKEv2. Mobile device users tend to choose this protocol as the most reliable and efficient option for permanent use due to the connection stability. This technology is supported by mobile devices with different operating systems.