What is IPSec/L2TP?

L2TP VPN is a Layer 2 protocol. The current technology appliance is relevant in conjunction with the IPSec data encryption method since such bundle makes gives a chance to create tunnels with the access rights a division by priority. It works well with different firewalls types and characteristics.

IPSec/L2TP technology benefits

IPSec/L2TP bundle appliance is relevant when developing a virtual private network with strict requirements for data encryption and access to personal data. VPN packets are made unique and tamper-proof due to small headers addition.

IPSec/L2TP protocol benefits:

  • Successful operation in networks with active firewalls of any operation and mode type.
  • Stable conditions for connecting subscribers. Data is transmitted over the virtual private network losses- and delays-free way.
  • User-friendly data transfer protocol configuration. The protocol is debugged for various purposes
  • IPSec/L2TP bundle appliance ensures the connection reliability and security. The current technology is actively used to transfer users’ private data.
  • The protocol doesn’t have serious vulnerabilities and weaknesses, despite the reduced speed and lack of open source code.

L2TP is deemed PPTP standard upgrade and operates in conjunction with IPSec technology in order to encrypt data. The current protocol appliance is relevant for data transfer within small virtual networks, since most users have switched to OpenVPN standard. Low operation speed, coupled with the lack of open source code to refine and optimize algorithms is one more technology disadvantage.