What is WireGuard?

Most users are interested in WireGuard, developed by Jason Donenfeld, who has extensive background in cybersecurity-related programs development. Today WireGuard can be used on Linux, despite the fact it t requires certain improvements.

What are WireGuard differences?

WireGuard protocol is a free open source software app and communication protocol, operating via a virtual private network (VPN). The experts claim that its speed is faster, compared to OpenVPN and even IPSec. Its competitors provide difficult configuration, while being easily interrupted in case of further configuration absence. Besides it is difficult to detect errors in programs due to outdated ciphers and massive code bases.

This new protocol will be as much user-friendly as possible, once it becomes available everywhere. Besides they managed to achieve high performance in terms of speed, due to a standardized approach to encryption. The developers strive to make the tunnel both user-friendly and secure. The most secure modern encryption methods were used to develop this protocol.

WireGuard managed to create stable tunnels and achieve instant reconnections without delays, like its counterparts, within testing.

The new product contains 4 000 code line, unlike OpenVPN. The encoding compactness provides a great chance to make regular and efficient verification and changes to reduce vulnerability.

Currently WireGuard is available on Linux platforms. The developers remind, that new protocol can be deemed now just as an experiment. Then they will provide a stable version after making certain improvements, which will become a large competitor for well-known programs.